Reading List on Scala

Work in progress.

  2. Programming in Scala (by the man himself)
    Easy reading, clear explanations. Seems like the book was written with Java developers in mind, which is fine by me, being one. After working with the language for a while, I wanted do dive more deeply into some of the language features than what the book covers.
    It is still a good starting point, though.
  3. Twitter Scala School
  4. Effective Scala
  5. The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala
    Simple and clear explanations. Good stuff.
  6. The Scala tag in Stackexchange’s code review site (beta)
    So, learning language constructs is easy, but understanding how to think like a Scala developer and write idiomatic Scala is hard. Those of us who are lucky have senior developers who can guide us and from whose code we can learn, but those of us who must teach ourselves need to find alternative solutions.
    This site is a great resource. I skim the Scala section from time to time and read code reviews to get the feel of the language.
  7. A good article on transitioning to Scala

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