Who are you?
Oh how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Hila and I am your run off the mill will-program-in-whatever-technology developer. Right now I’m working in stealth mode (ugh) on co-founding a company as a CTO.

Up until recently I was the CTO of a mobile health start up called Hello Heart, where a fine group of some of the most amazing people I had the pleasure of knowing and me built mobile apps that help people understand and gain control of their health. As part of my role, I was responsible for HIPAA and regulation, security and system architecture, as well as DevOps, Scala, iOS, and Android development.

Before working at Hello Heart I spent several years developing performance monitoring products for J2EE and .Net, and before that I was a Java/J2EE infrastructure developer, in-house SOA and architecture consultant, and a programming instructor in the IDF. I also have a math and computer science B.Sc from Tel-Aviv university. You can read the full story on my LinkedIn profile, if you are into that kind of thing.

On my free time I raise 2 cats with my partner (although my true love is dogs). I like to read, dance, paint and watch silly action movies from the 80s and 90s so many times that I can quote any line of the dialogue without peeking at the screen.

Where else can I find you?

Can I contact you?

Yeah sure :)

You can contact me with questions and inquiries. I can also give talks on any subject you see me write about, but ask if you have something else in mind. My email is hilanoga at gmail.

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